A lot of times I’m late to the gaming party. Oh well, I’ve been on a roll lately. Sorta.

Whatever. Alison dropped a copy of Game Informer on my face one day, and she had it open to a page with a bunch reviews and recommendations for mobile games. One of them caught my eye because it looked very RPG-ish, and it was only 3 bucks. Turns out it’s pretty awesome, and I’ve already spent like… 20 hours of my life on it. It’s good.

It’s called Battleheart. The game itself is very simple. You micromanage four dudes of different classes via touch controls. Waves of enemies appear, and you beat them down using your mad tanking and kiting skills. Winning battles earns you items, XP, and gold, which you can use to buy equipment and accessories from the merchant or upgrade the weapons and armor that you already own.

There are 14 different characters you can choose from to form a party. Each character is one of the 10 different classes that exist in the game. Each class is pretty different, so you’ll have a fun time exploring all their strengths and weaknesses. I usually went the traditional tank and spank route with a party comprised of a Paladin, Barbarian, Ranger, and Cleric. There are plenty of other combinations that are worth a try.

Every 5 levels, your dudes earn access to new skills. Some are active, some are passive, and sometimes you get to pick between two skills. The nice part is that you can toggle between skills whenever you like, so you’re never locked into a particular build. It makes sense too, because the skills you want to have equipped are very┬ásituational. Often times, you need to be able to shoot of a lot of AoEs, other times you need a lot of CC. It depends on the battle.

Apart from some interesting boss fights, the game is a lot of battle, buy, rinse and repeat. However, the excitement of new skills and better equipment will keep you very interested in playing. Plus, there are quite a few levels before the end of the game, as well as arenas that are worth fighting in even after defeating the final boss. Give it a shot. Battleheart is available on both iOS and Android.

Rob / November 27, 2011 / Cool Stuff, Gaming

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