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Rogue Legacy

Fun fun game.

It was short, but there’s lots of replayability. There is seemingly an infinite number of New Game +’s, meaning that each time you beat the game, there are harder enemies waiting for you for your next time through.

The combat is simple, but fast and fluid. The bosses are very interesting, and the game keeps you engaged exploring the randomly generated dungeons in hopes of continually finding more gold and better gear.

I’m not sure it was worth 15 bucks, but it was extremely enjoyable.

I may have played this game to death. I have all the items, and I’ve nearly maxed out everything.

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Borderlands 2

I’m not sure why I really consider finishing video games to be an accomplishment worth writing about… but that’s what I do.

I finished Borderlands, and it was really a ton of fun. The story was meh, but the characters were enjoyable and hilarious. I haven’t done any of the DLC, but I’m not sure that I will.

I have trouble… enjoying things sometimes. I’m always interested in finishing something, and I find myself playing games to make them end rather than because I actually enjoy playing them. This is a sharp contrast from the RPGs of old… The opposite would be true. I would get to the end of a game and love it so much, that I would prolong the ending as much as possible until there was nothing left to do. Eventually I would just quit playing because I didn’t want it to end, and then I wouldn’t finish it.

Lots of things have changed.

Happy 4th. I watched the Arthur fireworks with Mom and Dad this year. The finale was exceptional.

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Random Thoughts on Europe

1. America is bad at food.

2. If you’re a tourist you’re a target.

3. French is an ugly language.

4. Italians always sound like they’re yelling at each other.

5. There are “little flush” and “big flush” options.

6. I like that people sit and chat with post-dinner coffee.

7. Public transportation is good.

8. Warm milk? No problem.

9. Boobs aren’t that big of deal.

10. Italian Pizza FTW.

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Hey look! A post! See? There’s activity here!

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