OMG. so good.

This is probably the most fun I’ve had playing a game in a decade. There’s been a long delay between me playing the game and actually writing this post, but I still am able to adequately gush about how much I love this game.

I may have a bit of a hard time describing it. On one hand, it’s very sandboxy, and you can pretty much do whatever you want whenever you feel like it. If you feel like exploring, go explore. If you feel like building something, go build something. If you want to slice up some enemies, go right ahead. The world is yours. In that regard, it can be somewhat comparable to Minecraft, but in most respects it’s very very different.

Some might complain that the game is somewhat directionless, and I admit that to begin with I wasn’t sure what to do, but as soon as I started discovering and looking up all the amazing things I could accomplish, I couldn’t put the game down.

The game does a fantastic job of giving you incremental improvements to things like weapons and armor, decorations for your house, etc, so you always feel rewarded for the time you put into the game. And the game isn’t MMO-ish in that it feels like you have to put in your time to acquire something. You’re always about to get the next cool thing.

The bosses are tough and fun, the different terrains bring you plenty of surprises in mobs to fight, and the items that you find are exciting and interesting.

Go play this game. It’s super fun multiplayer. There’s so much to dooooo~~~~!

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I Finished Something!

So it’s really easy to start a bunch of stuff, but it’s really hard to follow through and finish it all. I have no advice to give on how to get things done, but I’m happy to say that after about a year, I finally finished watching 19 lectures on an introduction to wine making.

It’s pretty nifty. I actually feel like I can go to the store and understand all the labels, and I can pick out things that I think I would like. There’s not much more to say really, but I’m just happy I can sort of close that part of my mental to-do list and work on completing some other things. It’s a long list.

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Go Kill Yourself, MochaHost

Cheap web hosting is just that: cheap. Now here are some things that cheap hosting isn’t:

1. Good
2. Worth your time
3. Worth the money

Dear friends in the blogosphere, don’t ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever do business with MochaHost. They are terrible. Take a moment to Google “MochaHost sucks” or “MochaHost reviews” and you’ll find a plethora of unhappy customers that feel as though they’ve been swindled. I’m one of those customers, and have suffered a mega-loss similar to others. Without a word, they deleted all of my SVN repositories. It was a huge setback for me, and my requests for restoration were met with indifference.

The good news is that I can happily say that I’ll never have to deal with them again. I’m now doing my hosting at DreamHost, which has been, in a word… a dream! I feel like my data is safe, and my money is going to people who care.

May this post serve as a giant middle finger to MochaHost.

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Words And Phrases That Suck

Similar to Notch, lately I’ve hand a pretty hard time motivating myself to blog. This is pretty much just my obligatory post so I have an entry for the month. Enjoy.

Here are some words and phrases I hate:

1. Look and feel
2. Something something
3. End of day
4. Blue sky

For more sucky phrases…


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