Zom-Bees Update

Good news people, we have our domain reserved, so we can officially unveil the working title of our Flash game: Zom-Bees. (All rights reserved, patent pending, sorta.) From now on, we’ll be posting updates to the game at zom-bees.com.

We made the slightest bit of progress on our game recently. Here’s what happened:

  1. Added the ability to play music.
  2. Added the ability to play sound effects.
  3. Fixed bugs with collision detection.
  4. Made it so launching projectiles uses skill points.
  5. Added collision detection with enemy sprites.
  6. Colliding with enemy sprites reduces health.

If only we had Minecraft’s investment money. Oh well, progress is progress.

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Christmas For Me!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on my blog, and that’s largely due to my addiction to League of Legends. There’s just so many characters, runes, and skills to unlock! Unfortunately for you, reader, this is not an OMG-I-Love-This-Amazing-Game post (although I’m sure i would have plenty of material to write about considering its awesomeness). Rather, this is an OMG-Buy-Me-Stuff-For-Christmas post.

Now some people might find that a little snobbish and conceited, but I’m going to put that question to rest and tell you that it most definitely is. Still I feel that this post has value, because I’ve been told a number of times that people don’t know what to get me for Christmas. Or if I finally tell them, it’s too late in the year for them to actually get them anything I request. This post is for all those people who love me and also have deep pockets. Let’s get started.

  1. I want a sweet new mouse. Specifically the special edition Razer Naga. The red one.
  2. Believe it or not, I also want to start building a new computer. The first thing on the list is a new motherboard. I like this one. Yes it’s red and black. Yes it has 3 PCI Express slots. Yes, it’s expensive.
  3. iTunes gift cards.
  4. An iPad. I still hate Apple though (mostly).
  5. I don’t care what you think, but I want a Proto Man crochet hat as can be seen here.
  6. I would also like a bunch of crochet E-Tanks.
  7. USB gaming headset of the Razer variety.
  8. Melting Pot or Benihana gift cards.
  9. California wine.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. As I think of more things I’ll add it to the list.

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Hello World

And by “World” I mean the twelve or so people that may actually read this blog. Hello, tiny people. You are my biggest fans. I love you all. Please become my groupies.

Let’s get down to brass tacks:

I hate blogs. I really do. I hate the idea of them, I hate what they’re used for, and if you have a blog I hate you. Ok, I may have lied a little on that last part. Regardless, let’s take a moment and explore some of the reasons blogs are so retarded.

1. Blogs exist because people are totally self-absorbed.

Take me for example. I paid $180.45 for a good chunk of web hosting and $9.49 for a domain just so I can have a site that is dedicated to me and how awesome I am. I could have set up a free blog at Blogspot. I could have settled for a Twitter account. But nope, I’m way more amazing than that. Besides, Twitter is just lame, easy mode blogging. And in this blog, I plan on writing all sorts of things about myself that no one really cares about, and you’d better believe I plan on exceeding 140 characters.

2. Bloggers believe that their site is at the service of society.

I’ll give people a little credit. It could be possible that someone writes something of value in their blog, but if we consider Sturgeon’s Law, it’s extremely unlikely. The more likely scenario is a blog filled with utter crap that is somehow supposed to “bestow a little wisdom” or “help readers not make the same mistakes” as the writer. (I’m sure I’ll be writing a post on buzzwords and phrases that I completely despise sometime in the near future.) Don’t get me wrong, this idea is okay until we find bloggers that are in complete denial of point #1 yet frequently post superfluous amounts of pictures of their cats.

3. Blogs are filled with the same drama and unoriginal ideas as every other blog.

Am I original for posting a blog entry on why I hate blogs? No. Search Google for “I hate blogs” and you’ll find that I’m just another statistic. In fact, the internet told me the other day that there were 72.82 million blogs in China in 2008. And that’s just China two years ago. What are the chances that I’ll ever post something that actually hasn’t been posted by someone before? What amazingly interesting perspective could I possibly have that could cause someone to want to read my blog rather than Joe Blow’s? Well I guess we’ll see. I’m counting on you, twelve groupies.

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