Rebel 60

Ok, I can go back to doing (some) productive things. I hit rebel 60. S’all good now. Except for now I need good gear… and I need to beat Inferno… I can probably save some of that for later days. I should probably go back and finish my game of FF6.

On a related note, here’s why my site exists. Basically, I’ve discovered that I cannot be writing things for the sake of others, because, quite frankly, no large percentage of people are going to remotely care about me or the things I have to say (unless I do something awesome someday, but that probably won’t be for some time). Because of that, I have to decide that this site is for me and my thoughts. I use it to try to measure my progress on some goals in life, and I use it to sort of collect the small accomplishments I’ve made.

So here are the plans. Someday I’ll have a nice collection of useful apps for people to download and enjoy. Also, I’ll have all sorts of music and compositions available for people to listen. Not too hard, really. It’s just a matter of doing it – which is hard. Things like getting to rebel 60 can really slow me down. Deathclock predicts that I’ll die on Tuesday, May 25th 2060 leaving me with 1,512,538,776 seconds to live.

I really need to budget my time.

Rob / June 18, 2012 / Gaming, Life


  1. Sarah - June 18, 2012 @ 9:03 PM

    Well, I’m always a fan of keeping up with your happenings. Your blog is part of my Google Reader, so I probably never miss a post. 🙂

    • Rob - June 20, 2012 @ 9:27 PM

      Happy to hear! 🙂


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