Zom-Bees Update

Good news people, we have our domain reserved, so we can officially unveil the working title of our Flash game: Zom-Bees. (All rights reserved, patent pending, sorta.) From now on, we’ll be posting updates to the game at zom-bees.com.

We made the slightest bit of progress on our game recently. Here’s what happened:

  1. Added the ability to play music.
  2. Added the ability to play sound effects.
  3. Fixed bugs with collision detection.
  4. Made it so launching projectiles uses skill points.
  5. Added collision detection with enemy sprites.
  6. Colliding with enemy sprites reduces health.

If only we had Minecraft’s investment money. Oh well, progress is progress.

Rob / February 9, 2011 / Uncategorized

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